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A  Legacy in Memory Care

For over thirty years, our staff has been specializing in caring for those living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other forms of memory impairment. Whether your loved one has recently been diagnosed or is just starting to show signs of memory loss, we’re here to help. 

Our program design goes above and beyond the basic requirements so that our staff and our residents are set up for success.  Each and every member of the Glen Park Senior Living team receives additional training specific to Alzheimer’s and dementia care as well as continuing education throughout their employment with quarterly in-services that help keep us up-to-date with best practices. 

In addition to our qualified team and our welcoming environment, our security measures allow us to monitor the well-being of our members throughout the day, with clear communication in a safe and secure setting.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is the overall term for diseases and conditions related to a decline in memory, language, and problem-solving. Memory loss is a key indicator of the condition, as dementia affects a person’s ability to perform daily tasks. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of Dementia. 

What is Alzheimers Disease?

As the most common cause of dementia, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that affects memory, behavior, and other important mental functions. Our esteemed crew of caring professionals, from our medical team to our maintenance crew,  are equipped with tools and training specifically designed to help those with memory impairments.

When Is It Time for Memory Care?

Because each individual is unique, there isn’t always a black and white answer to this question. Maybe your loved one could benefit from increased social engagement, more physical activity, or multi-sensory programming. Perhaps medication management is needed or a sudden change in care needs is making it more difficult to provide adequate assistance at home. 

Ultimately, if your loved one is no longer thriving or is no longer able to live safely in their current environment, it might be time to consider a change.  If you’re not sure, or if you have questions, chat with one of our Retirement Counselors for more information or to schedule a tour of one of Glen Park’s communities.

Dementia Care Specialty Program

“A Dementia Care Specialty Program delivers services that focus on the unique and changing physical, cognitive, communication, emotional, psychosocial, behavioral, occupational, medical, palliative, educational, environmental, and leisure/recreational needs of persons with dementia. Leadership fosters a relationship-centered culture in which persons served, families/support systems, and all personnel are empowered to make decisions in partnership based on the preferences, strengths, and needs of the person served. 

The program integrates services to support persons served with dementia to live their best life, including:

 — Preserving dignity and personhood. 

— Minimizing the impact of impairments and secondary complications. 

— Maximizing participation, including wellness, quality of life, and inclusion in the community. 

— Decreasing environmental barriers.

— Promoting personal safety and security. 

A Dementia Care Specialty Program recognizes the individuality, preferences, strengths, and needs of the persons served and their families/support systems. It provides access to information, services, and resources to enhance the lives of the persons served and their families/support systems, facilitate engagement in meaningful activity, promote personal health and wellness, and preserve quality of life. The program demonstrates the commitment, capabilities, and resources to maintain itself as a specialized program for persons with dementia. Current research and evidence inform the implementation of service delivery models and strategies.”

Acknowledgments & Awards?

CARF Accreditation 

While looking into assisted living locations, CARF accreditation is key. The accreditation process features approval of amenities, services, and rigorous standards for assisted living programs to abide by — Glen Park Senior Living prides itself on enforcing these standards. 

CARF International accredits communities that demonstrate, “public transparency and accountability, often going beyond basic licensure requirements.” Going above and beyond is just a part of our reputation and CARF accreditation offers an assurance that our communities and programming are state-of-the-art in our performance and quality of care.

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