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Volunteer Sign-Ups

Volunteer Program Policy

Welcome to the Glen Park Senior Living’s Volunteer Program! Volunteers contribute immeasurably to enriching the quality of life of our residents. Volunteers assist in making many of the programs and activities provided for our residents possible. Without a doubt, many such programs that enhance the residents’ quality of life would not be possible without your helping hands. The volunteer gives the most valuable of all gifts-the gift of self. The purpose of the Glen Park Senior Living Volunteer Program is fourfold:

1. Human Support :The act of volunteering shows the resident that someone cares about him/her. Volunteers are considered real friends who prove to residents that they are not alone.

2. Maintain Continuity with the Community :Residing in an assisted living facility does not necessitate cutting ties with the community, and a Volunteer Program helps prevent isolation.

3. Clearing Misconceptions Volunteers can experience the assisted living setting and to become familiar with the philosophy of long-term care. Their first-hand experience will be shared with other community members and can do a lot to dispel myths and misconceptions about the “nursing home” setting.

4. Enthusiasm and Overall Spirit-The presence of volunteers encourages an atmosphere of involvement, purpose, and happiness. Residents cannot help but be encouraged by the friendliness, patience, kindness, and optimism.

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