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Pharmacy Services

Maggie’s Pharmacy II is a comprehensive long term care pharmacy servicing assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, hospices etc. We provide pharmaceutical services customized to cater the needs for each individual facility backed by industry leading technology. The pharmacy provides customized medication delivery and administration options including customized E-Mar solutions and live access to pharmacy records to healthcare professionals ensuring that medication technicians and nurses can focus their attention more on the well-being of patients.

Our knowledgeable staff provides excellent service and education that enhances resident care, ensures positive health outcomes for patients, and helps facilities reach their maximum potential. We implement policies and procedures catering individual facility needs to streamline ordering, receiving, disposing and record keeping of medications.

We take great pride in the fact that we provide our valued patients with the highest level of service and care that is completely personalized.

We don’t make promises.
We deliver.

2315 Kuehner Dr, Ste 108,
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Tel: (805) 770-1003
Fax: (805) 770-1004

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